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Talent Management Case Studies and Testimonials

Talent ManagementSelected Talent Management Case Studies 

1. Project Name: Demonstrating Action to Address Staff Concerns

Service Category: Talent Management

Brief description of work undertaken: Staff turnover had been steadily rising and was at concerning levels with staff morale declining for this department of over 300 people. Following the publication of the latest Employee Opinion Survey results, the management team needed to demonstrate to staff that they were taking action to address issues. Resurgence was commissioned as an independent and impartial consultant to conduct a series of Staff Focus Groups.

Resurgence Undertook: Analysing the Employee Opinion results, Resurgence identified specific issues to be addressed in the Focus Groups. Resurgence assisted in:

  • Working with the HR group and using an appreciative inquiry approach,
  • Facilitating a series of Focus Groups to identify what staff saw as the key issues in their work environment.
  • This constructive approach allowed issues to be identified and focussed participants on recommending solutions rather than remaining focussed on what was wrong in the current work environment.
  • A summary of the outcome for each focus group was prepared and distributed to all participants.
  • On completion of all the Focus Groups, Resurgence prepared a management report outlining the findings including staff ideas and suggestions along with recommendations.
  • The recommendations to address the top four issues were presented to the Senior Management Team.
  • As a result a “People Initiative” to action recommendations to address retention, capability, accountability and communication was put in place, championed by four members of the Senior Management Team.
  • Resurgence worked with the Senior Managers to create project plans for each of the four areas and facilitated monthly reviews.


  • The “People Initiative” is ongoing with four Senior Managers on the Steering Committee each taking responsibility for one of the key issues - retention, capability, accountability and communication.
  • The “People Initiative” has:
  • Demonstrated Senior Management commitment to addressing staff issues
  • High visibility within the department,
  • Commitment to clear deliverables
  • Progressive delivery over the next 12 months


2. Project Name: Finding a Way Forward

Service Category: Talent Management

Brief description of work undertaken: This leading insurance company had recently conducted their Employee Opinion Survey and were disappointed with the results. The HR group needed to investigate why there was a marked difference in views between their male and female staff in some key areas. Resurgence was engaged by the HR group to run a series of workshops to identify the underlying issues and to make recommendations for addressing the perceived problem areas.

Solution: The solution involved running a series of workshops for both women and men. The workshops were conducted using the Appreciative Enquiry technique, which enabled staff too constructively:

  • Investigate the issues and their root causes.
  • Encouraged staff to devise workable responses to the perceived problems
  • Work together to define their ideal work environment Feedback from staff involved in the workshops was extremely positive, with staff feeling that they had been heard and treated with respect and many wanting to be involved in the future activities. In addition to a report of the results for participants, a management report was prepared and presented to the HR group for discussion with business managers.

This report outlined:

  • Findings from the workshop
  • Observations made by Resurgence

Recommendations for action, ranging from short term quick wins to longer term recommendations Outcome: The management report was presented to key HR staff and was very well received and was then presented to senior management. Key recommendations are now being implemented.


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