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Leadership for 21st Century Case Studies & Testimonials

Leadership for 21st CenturyClient Testimonials

“ Personally Resurgence Leadership Program has helped me to build my confidence, identify the areas I need to develop, get some balance in my life, meet some lovely people and think about what I want rather than saying yes to everything...I have been promoted since I completed the course. This was as a result of the course and coaching... Professionally it made me think about the tasks I should complete as a manager and when I should delegate. The program forced me to think about my career goals and the path to get there. It helped me see my ‘blockers’ clearly and how to pass through them. I manage my time better and I am a better people leader. Understanding that people like working in different environments, leveraging communication styles, listening & learning from the other women on the course and (for me most importantly) how to empower to your team, has benefited me and the team. After doing the course I feel more confident in my ability …”.

Anna Leibel, General Manager, Telstra

“Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program gave me an insight into myself and some excellent techniques to project forward and identify goals....I altered the way I interact and communicate with guys. It had been voluble....I've started networking seriously...I got some great practical pieces of advice from my coach that I can us.”

Julia Fahey - Strategy and Client Services, IBM

“Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program has awoken me to my abilities and made me question myself as to what I want and what I can offer. I am able to communicate better, not just with opposite sex but age also. I have greater sense of wellbeing but have made me ponder my current role. I think I am in need of change to align me with my obstacles”.

Matt Cross - Business Engagement Manager, Telstra

“Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program enabled me to learn about what makes my staff tick and hand over tasks in a way they could better receive. Coaching added to the overall learning by adding insights and direct challenges to my behavior. Better understanding of personality types and the information they need, has helped me in knowing what drives/enforces them”.

Stephen Tinsley - Systems & Applications Team Lead, Swinburne University

“Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program enabled me to take time out, dig deep and really reflect on my personal goals and think about possibilities, as well as challenge constructs I believed in that were effectively limiting my options.”

Claire Bourke, Business Solutions Manager, ANZ

“I was able to clearly articulate my desire for a new role as well as set expectations about what I wanted out of the role. As a result I started in a new and exciting role as of July 1 this year.”

Dionne Miranda, Client Executive, IBM

“As I currently engage with various cultures and gender, self awareness has improved and made me more mindful as to how I engage with others. I think this program has provided some valuable tools to help, guide and make my goals closer, and to develop a plan. Also it has made me be aware of issues that need to be addressed. My coaching experience has been a very positive one; I felt that my coach provided important insights on certain conditions and events. The program has given me confidence and hope for the future. (Resurgence) Continue what you are doing.”

Nik Moutsoulas- Operational Costs Manager, Telstra

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was fortunate enough to be chosen to attend the Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program. I walked out of every class with knowledge and power that can be used in my professional and personal life. Since completing the Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program, I have adapted the principles learned and have enrolled to study to become a Company Director and I am on my way to achieving the many other goals that I have now set in my life. My colleagues have commented in the change in me and how different I am in dealing with everyday stressful situations......Thanks to the Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program.”

Edwina Bryant, Business Engagement Manager, Business Engagement | Operations, IT, IS Telstra

“I feel I understand the way people may think and respond better from the way I did prior to this program. Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program has been excellent skill booster and self awareness. Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program has been an excellent way to enhance my awareness, build a network, gain new friends and up skill in preparation for leading and facilitating. Great program! The Coaching helped me to try and discover who I am and what I want.”

Iain Hebden – Data Centre Analyst, Telstra

“Attending the Resurgence Diversity WIT connection program has provided and reinforced practical tools to assist me in the working environment, helped me to understand and assess my current style and identify that of others, my career status (requirements and needs) and determine an achievable plan/goals. The program has also opened/increased the ‘networking’ door.”

Andrea Rohan Manager Programme Governance Virtualisation and I&S Projects | Infrastructure Services | IT | Telstra Operations

“The program allowed me to develop my negotiation, presentation, management and leadership skills. However the most beneficial outcome of the program for me was building my confidence levels. This was achieved through the numerous presentations and activities we were expected to perform as part of the program.”

Sharm Thuraisingham, Data Centre Mechanical Engineer Telstra

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and understood that I need to focus on some of the points in the program and get to my career goals. I have focus on the different personalities within my team and used that to engage and make changes. Furthermore, I've learned to be myself and use my knowledge to help others as well as to provide them the space they need to be creative”.

Idan Shtir - Program Manager, Telstra

Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program was instrumental in developing my assimilation of and then ability to demonstrate leadership behaviours... I highly recommend this program to other female managers ....”

Brenda Haycroft, Manager Customer Relations, ITSS (TAC + WorkSafe)

“As a result of attending Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program I’ve gained confidence in and enhanced my leadership style.”

Rachael Dalton, CIO, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute


Resurgence Leadership Diversity Programs - Overall Survey Outcome

 Resurgence Leadership Diversity Programs - Overall Survey Outcome

Selected Leadership for the 21st Century Case Studies

1. Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program - Women - WIT Connections 

Service Category: Leadership Programs

Brief description of work undertaken: A business leadership and coaching program that develops high performing business women in technology environment - those identified as “potential future leaders” to lead business related aspects of major business programs in multi technology environments.

Participants have ranged from C level to managers of: Projects, PMO, Business Operations, Business Engagement, Delivery Projects, Data Centre Planning, Business and Technology Methods, Tools & Assurance, IT Architects and Delivery Test groups.

The program specifically addresses the issues of women in the business technology industry by providing participants with key leaderships competencies and skills to drive the performance of their responsibilities in the business programs.

WIT Connections consists of instructor led seminar style sessions, interactive workshops, use of training tools as well as personal individual coaching sessions. A recent survey of the clients highlights the outstanding results of the training program;

  • 70% of respondents said that they were promoted to a more senior role shortly after attending the WIT Connections Program.
  • 100% of respondents said that the course inspired them to strive and attain a “future leadership position” in the technology industry
  • 100% of respondents said they would recommend the course to other women in the technology industry.
  • 92 % of respondents said the individual coaching component of the program was invaluable as it provided access to senior experienced women in technology.

Relevance of work to the required services: Leadership Training program for Women in management roles in complex technology environment.


2. Building Leadership Skills for Technologists

Service Category: Leadership Programs

Brief description of work undertaken: Training by Resurgence of a group of corporate staff who were at different levels and in a cross-section of business roles one of Australia's Big4 banks Technology Operations group, in Melbourne and Sydney.

This training program was being run in preparation of rolling out a number of training programs across over 300 technology operation staff. This particular group was being trained to support and drive the rest of the staff in a series of business initiatives aimed at reducing projects’ cycle time and improving customer response time.

Resurgence facilitated:

  • Staff skill building workshops and seminars, to showcase the value and the contribution these business change agents can make.
  • Training and coaching representatives from across the department on a specific business initiative aimed at significantly reducing the turnaround time for provision of business estimates for internal business customers.
  • Using an innovative training role-play to understand the specifics of the process from a customer’s perspective; 
  •  Identifying areas of possible improvement, both “quick wins” and longer term solutions; 
  •  Developing action plans for implementation of solutions; and following up with key stakeholders on progress of action plans. The specially trained group demonstrated their newly acquired skills and proceeded with a longer term process of resolving the business projects estimating cycle time issue.

Relevance of work to the required services: Training for leadership of business capabilities in technology and operation environment.


'1 Resurgence 2003-7

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