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Resurgence Leadership Diversity Program - Women - 25th August 2011

Companies with the highest number of women in senior management had a 36% higher return on investment than those with the lowest level of female representation 

Research demonstrates a direct link between corporate performance and gender diversity.

Over the next year, many Australian listed companies will have to implement a plan for a major gender diversity change. The driver is the ASX’s Corporate Governance Council recommendations to improve representation of female talent across organisations.

Resurgence Leadership Diversity Programs - Women 

We chose to act and we are getting outstanding results for our clients 

Following the success of our Leadership Diversity Program for Women, we are thrilled to announce that the next program will commence on Thursday, 25 August 2011.

A Recent survey of Women participants demonstrates outstanding results for participants and their organisations;

ü  70% of respondents said they were promoted to a more senior role shortly after attending the Program

ü  100% of respondents were inspired by the program to strive and attain a "future leadership position" within the industry

ü  100% of respondents said they would recommend the program to other women in the industry.

ü  90% of respondents said the individual coaching component was invaluable as it provided access to experienced senior women.

ü  75% of respondents said they gained confidence as a result of completing the program.

“The Resurgence Leadership Diversity– WIT Connections Program enabled me to take time out, dig deep and really reflect on my personal goals and think about possibilities, as well as challenge constructs I believed in that were effectively limiting my options.” Claire Bourke, Business Solutions Manager, ANZ

For nomination and or more information about the program, please contact Rebecca Freer on 040 906 8833 or email: rebecca.freer@resurgence.com.au or admin@resurgence.com.au


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